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"Do One Thing that Scares You Everyday. "

As a procrastination technique today, I asked Google who actually said the famous quote above. It's a quote that I heard years ago and have whispered to myself many times since. Why is today, of all days, the day I finally looked it up? It's because I'm procrastinating. I am about to click "publish" on my new counselling website.

My grandparents were Ukrainian Immigrants. Both sets came from impoverished backgrounds and moved to Canada in hopes of better lives for their children. They worked hard as blue collar laborers and lived modest lives in North Edmonton. There wasn't a lot of money to spare but their children were fed, clothed, loved and had a roof over their heads. They were able to do what their parents couldn't do. They sent their children to school and ultimately, University.

My parents are retired teachers. I was a teacher for 9 years too. When I became a Social Worker in 2012, I was immediately drawn to work in healthcare. Working for one's self isn't something that we do in my family. The thought of branching out on our own is a scary thought. It is too full of risks. At least that is the thought that was ingrained in me from a young age.

Thoughts are interesting things. So often they are formed from the messages we heard as young people. The time when we are vulnerable to believing what we hear from others is true. The information can ingrain itself in our thoughts and turn into our inner-truth.

As we grow, learn, gain experiences and wisdom it's not uncommon to find ourselves in a place of confusion, discomfort or fear. This could be because we realize our past truth is only a perspective. Our perspectives may not reflect our thoughts or truths now in present day.

10, 5, 2 years ago I never would have believed that I could be a private practitioner. My Dad and Dido (Grandfather) both instilled in me that working in the public sector is the only way to go. Teaching showed me that I loved the kids but I wanted to work with them one on one. I started to wish I was the school counsellor. As a healthcare social worker, I loved the one on one time I spent with my clients but got tired of my time with them being interrupted by other emergencies.

For me, working with people while they are working through difficult times or going through self-growth is a sacred experience. It deserves my undivided attention. My dream is not to collect a pension, my dream is to do what I love to do. Provide one to one counselling for my clients.

And I make this career change, the following thoughts run through my head: What if my Dad and Dido were right? What if private practice doesn't work out? The loudest thought though, is: I will regret what I don't try.

Today I will take former American First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt's advice. I will do something that scares me and publish this website.

What is one thing you will do today that scares you?

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Great read, can’t wait for more !


This is so true and so hard to do. Take that step out of your comfort zone and into the unknown, the scary, the future. So excited to watch your journey.

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